Sales Director: Earning their keep and saving you $$

By May 1, 2017 No Comments

Hiring a new Sales Director can feel like a major investment. Aside from the additional salary, there’s also additional time and energy you’ll need to put into the recruitment and onboarding processes.

However, if you can find the right person, the investment will comfortably (and quickly) pay off – and then some. What the ‘right’ person looks like will depend a lot on your company, but you’ll generally want someone who has a rich combination of:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Industry experience and expertise


Early Days: Laying the Groundwork

A good Sales Director will swiftly work out what they need to do to succeed in your business. And yes, some of their recommendations may involve additional investment such as:

  • Staff training
  • New hires for the sales team
  • Other procedural or practical changes (e.g. upgrading to a more comprehensive lead management platform).


With these expenses in mind, it’s easy to see why too many business owners are reluctant to go down this path. Some refuse altogether, blindly believing that it’s better to stick with what (and who) they already know. Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t be more wrong – especially if ‘what and who they know’ isn’t producing optimal results for their business.

Up and Running: Reaping the Rewards

It doesn’t take long for the value of a capable Sales Director to become apparent. If you’ve made the right hire and allowed your new SD to thrive in their role, here are some of the benefits you should see within just 12 months:

  • Your sales process becomes more effective and efficient, meaning your sales team responds to leads more quickly and converts leads more often.
  • Your sales team can manage with fewer people because the SD has chosen the right people and trained them well.
  • Sales opportunities increase and the quality of these opportunities improve.
  • More sales, pure and simple – a good SD will boost your bottom line.
  • You, your General Manager, your CEO, and/or your Marketing Director will have more time to focus on other aspects of the business (such as growth and expansion) because the sales team is in good hands and doesn’t need to be micromanaged.


If you understand the potential value of a good Sales Director, but you’re not quite ready for the full-time commitment, a part-time Sales Chief from the Sales Director Centre can provide a perfect transitionary step. Give us a call on 1300 384 733 for more details.