Surprising Sales Techniques…All About Responsiveness

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Effective sales techniques have long been the subject of discussion. Cold calling, door knocking, email marketing, direct mailing – there are a myriad different ways to get customers’ attention… but how do you convert them to a sale?

While the debate rages on about the most effective sales process and medium, some enlightening statistics have emerged:

  1. 30-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.
  2. 80% of sales require 5 follow up calls after a meeting…44% of sales personnel give up after 1 follow up.
  3. If you follow up on online or phone leads within 5 minutes, the likelihood of conversion is 900% more.

So while we may spend our time strategising and agonising over the best ways and means to reach our target market, it seems that what customers want is attention. Like a jealous girlfriend they want us to prioritise them, respond to them immediately, take one overture as a sign for renewed contact. Customers want to feel like we value them enough to keep pursuing them (in a non-stalker way of course!). But its more than that – it’s about how responsive we are to our customers and prospects, and how timely our responses are.

The digital age and the advent of smart phones, has only amplified what has always been around – people look for responsiveness. We knew of a client who would step out of meetings to take or make calls to prospects, so that he could speak to them within 5 minutes of them sending a query. His sales were off the planet from this single factor alone.

Why then, when we go into sales teams, do we find fresh enquiries put into the in-tray, while we decide to work on admin functions.

Let these facts about responding to customers provide the basis for all future engagement with prospective customers. So the next time you hear a *ping* or a *zzzt zzzt*, no matter where you are, stop and respond. Give yourself every chance to make that sale.

If our Sales Directors can assist in any way, we’d love to help. Give us a call and see how responsive we are!

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Written by Rebecca Laskary

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