What we do

We’re here to transformambitious businesses at a strategic level


We are senior and accomplished Sales Directors who design and implement sales strategies that grow your business. Using a practical and hands on approach, we use a 3-Step process to assess and deliver on the critical growth-points of your business. Our Case Studies bear testimony to our success with our clients’ businesses.
This approach means that we dig deep at the start of any new client relationship with the aim of identifying every problem area and getting everything out on the table. This is a highly therapeutic approach for the business owner and senior team, because it means you will emerge with a clear roadmap and an experienced Sales Director to manage the implementation of the plan.


We examine the pain points of your business, so we are clear early on about what the blockages might be. We get to quickly understand your customers and work out the messaging that will resonate with them.

Unlike a sales training organisation, we don't train your team and then leave. In fact, many of our Sales Directors are asked to stay on and become part-time sales coaches. Using a measured and structured sales approach, our Sales Directors can belong to teams for months or years and help turn businesses into very high performers. Because we work on a flexible basis, we can be very affordable as we are highly effective.

When this is all combined, we deliver an effective sales leadership and process that builds growth and provides a huge lift in performance.


Our Sales Directors work with the owners, CEOs, MDs or executive team of businesses to help them achieve the business goals and objectives. Typically, our clients fall into the $2-80m turnover category. We have had experience in a range of industries, but more importantly, we also have clients in these categories as well.

IT and Technology

Media and Publishing

Financial Services

Resource and Recruiting

Wholesale and Distribution

Travel and Leisure

Environmental and Sustainability





The Unconsultant

It’s a question we are often asked – do your Sales Directors only have corporate experience, or can they relate to an SMB environment. It is mandatory that they have both, having worked in an enterprise environment, but also consulted for a period of time as well. That combination means they bring all the training and skills to bear in the areas in an SMB that needs it.


Flexibility at every level

We offer a completely flexible approach to your business needs, through the provision of highly accomplished Sales Directors. Our clients don’t yet need, and couldn’t otherwise afford the calibre of person at this level, but they recognise their need to engage with someone who can provide the bandwidth in this area.


The Right Fit

To us, the most important part is finding a Sales Director who has a cultural fit with your organisation. That includes understanding the challenges you face, which can be widely different. Our process enables each Sales Director to get to grips with the problems and opportunities within the business early on in the engagement.



We understand that you will have a range of priorities when we enter your business. What are the immediate things we can address, against the longer term priorities that will really grow the business and build robustness and longevity? It’s what separates us from the myriad of consultants in the marketplace and what gives your business the breakthrough you need.