Why work with us

We use a sound process for developing sales in a business.


Firstly, we work on your objectives and highlight where you see the opportunities and obstacles. This is very much a strategic level fact finding task under our Delivery phase. More than anything, this will focus on the shareholder value and how that might be increased. It could be better cash, more profitability, improved stock turns, reporting – or more likely a combination of all of those.


In our Design phase, we look at the priorities of activity; those operational tasks that will deliver the strategy effectively. Where are the breakthroughs going to come from, what do we need to by when and how do we achieve it? Timeframes and critical resources all form part of the design. We are very much involved at the point where most consultants will exit.


Finally we look at Delivery. Here, our Sales Director is usually engaged anywhere from 3-12 months, perhaps a Sales Manager will then execute the strategic plan under the supervision of a SD. We make sure the objectives remain on track, but the process also needs to be affordable and flexible.


Let’s start with the good news – most people involved in sales, are keen to learn and improve. Considering it is the engine of most businesses, it is astounding how little effort is put into developing top sales professionals.
Sales Director Centre helps businesses that are ambitious to grow, by putting a highly accomplished Sales Director into your team. That is somebody who will take the business goals and objectives, and translate those into outcomes on the ground. We look at the science behind the delivery – specifically around people and process, and then set about working to deliver.
As a rule, most sales teams love having us there, because they learn and grow. Only the non-performers are concerned, the rest know they will improve, which means better rewards for everyone.



Sales Directors build a robust strategic plan and work out the best possible solutions for your business

Sales Managers can manage the strategic plan and legwork at a lower rate than the Sales Director.

Both or one or the other can stay ongoing to ensure we achieve results, depending on your needs and situation.

The Key Three

1. Delivering Your Vision

Business owners start their businesses with passion and tremendous vision. Somewhere along the way, it becomes blurred and even lack-lustre. We have met clients who are so fatigued, they almost didn’t want to grow the company because it would mean more headaches. Our primary function is not to create headaches but to provide businesses of all shapes with additional bandwidth.

2. Sales Organisation Design

Sales teams tend to be desperate. With large blocks of time spent waiting around for appointments as well as spending plenty of time on their own, accountability is an issue. It’s not just your problem either. The lack of accountability is frustrating to your team as well. They know they should be doing better. What do they lack? The most common problem is a lack of any proper organisational design.

3. Improve Your Performance

As an ideal, you should expect to see some quick wins in the business that will deliver immediate yield, while we aim to devise and deliver on longer term fixes. Over the initial year, clients will typically expect upwards of 20-30% in improvement in performance across a team, often a great deal more. In one example, a sales manager who had been selling to the same sector for 25 years, found new customers just because of a fresh set of eyes, and achieved enough new sales in the next month to pay for our services for a year.


If you can identify with one of the 12 Common Pain Points of sales, then organise to have a 30-minute meeting with us and we will be able to come up with some immediate fixes that you can leave the discussion with.

Lack of any Sales Process

Unclear, no plan, confused reporting and nothing documented.

Underperforming Sales Teams or Individuals

Lack of any review process, too many ‘mates’, no idea how or why they recruit. The good ones leave.

New or Start Up needs help

No idea where to start. No clear channel development. Skeleton or plan not in place.

New or No Leadership

No training, recent appointment from within, still ‘mates’. Lack of visible leadership to the team, lack of direction.

Ill-defined Performance Measurement

Unclear sales systems, CRM not used or aligned, no sales ‘rhythm’ and team escapes reporting.

Unclear Strategy

Unclear, no vision from the top, no metrics or why we’re doing this. Lack of department cohesion.

Sales Leader not yet ‘Accomplished’

Might get there, but needs help. No funds for senior resource and knows something is wrong but not sure what.

Customers Leave

No strategy, no measurement eg churn v acquire. A sales or marketing function; failing through the cracks.

Coaching and Advisory

My manager is office bound. Team are good, no training. Recent appointment of manager, who is not a manager.

I’m Not in Control

Locked out from ‘the boys’. Disorganised reporting, need to implement change but can’t. Pay them all too much for what they do. Account Mgmt v Sales.

Need Help Now! 

Lack of bandwidth for implementing. Can’t afford to disrupt BAU, need process/document etc. Need short term pitch projects.

Brick Wall

Stagnant growth, hitting same revenues for a while, long time since we celebrated a win, team/leader becoming restless.