You’ve Got Mail

By October 19, 2017 No Comments

For those of us who can’t face the prospect of cold-calling, thank heavens for email! Campaigns can be prepared in advance by a marketing genius and sent out via an automated process. It’s a quick, easy, cost-effective and measurable way to market your products and services. It’s often the most popular means of marketing for generating sales as it involves the path of least resistance and is relatively unobtrusive for the consumer – we assume that they will simply delete any unwelcome emails or opt out.. while leaving us with an electronic trail of what actions they are taking. A win-win situation.

If you do decide to go down the route of EDM (electronic direct mail) then there are some things to bear in mind, even if you set up automated process for dissemination.

· The best time to email prospects is either 8am in the morning or 3pm in the afternoon.

· Thursday is the best day of the week to send out sales emails, followed by Wednesday.

· Email is almost 40 times more effective for new customer acquisition than Facebook or Twitter.

And while disseminating information at optimal times is extremely important and can enhance the likelihood of success, the content of the email is what will ultimately determine whether there is a conversion to sale. A smooth and easily transitioned sales process will facilitate click throughs and purchase, but the power-balance of the transaction lies in the content and how compelling it is.

Content needs to be:

· Enticing – containing compelling reasons for why the consumer would want to purchase your products/services.

· WIIFM – articulate the benefits to the consumer from their point of view. Don’t sell – offer them a solution to a problem they currently have.

· Factual – highlight the key features of your product/service.

· Special offer – offer an incentive for an immediate purchase and it will quadruple your chance of securing a sale.

· Attractively presented – appearance is everything and is especially true for sales emails. Make yours stand out by having it professionally designed to get attention.

· Monitor and measure – one of the key benefits to an e-campaign is that every click can be monitored and analysed. Always give consumers what they want – and a digital footprint will tell you what interests your recipient.

Here’s one last thing to think about; emailing with a follow up call, can increase a response by 8x, as long as the email is well constructed and relevant.

If you require assistance with your marketing content then one of our Marketing Directors can assist, or for a fully automated sales process and campaign call our Sales Director Centre.

Written by Rebecca Laskary